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Infant Feeding Tube

Infant Feeding Tube

Infant Feeding Tube With Graduation | AD 603G


• Infant Feeding tube is used for neonates and paediatric feeding.
• Manufactured from non toxic, medical grade PVC compound.
• Distal end is smooth coned shape for non traumatic intubation.
• Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
• The tube is marked at 20 cm from the distal end for accurate placement into the abdomen.
• Radio opaque line provided throughout the tubefor X-ray visualization.
• Proximal end is provided with luer mount for connection with feeding device.
• Also available SMD 603 G with graduation.
• Marking from the tip 5 cm to 40 cm.


• Sterile, Individually packed in peelable blister pack.
• Box of 100; Master Carton of 2000.
• Gross weight: 15.200kg
• Master Carton size: 680 x 305 x 650mm


FG 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Colour Code White Grey Green White Blue Orange Black


Effective Length 50cm
Total Length 105cm
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